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Voluminous upholstery fabrics to luxuriously soften spaces

Soft, tactile, crafted: upholstery fabrics Monte, Moore and Ponza can turn interiors into luxurious stages for the senses – places that offer the comfort of home and a sense of belonging in contract spaces.

Monte: sustainable mohair velvet upholstery with an extreme high pile Woven in Vescom’s own eco-conscious weaving mill in the Netherlands, Monte is a Cradle to Cradle® Bronze-certified mohair velvet upholstery fabric. Made with a 100% mohair high pile, it contributes to physical and acoustic comfort, creating sumptuous upholstered surfaces to sink into. The traditional yet timeless nature of mohair velvet upholstery is reinforced by Monte’s palette of 16 nature-inspired matte colours.

Vescom - upholstery - Monte & Moore - close-up

Moore: graphic grid with a retro vibe

Moore is a polyester FR upholstery fabric containing 100% recycled post-consumer material. Its large-scale weave produces a graphic grid that gives off a retro vibe, while its multi-layered structure and the inclusion of textured bouclé yarn make it ultra-tactile and three-dimensional. With 16 colour combinations that range from subdued to standout, Moore is produced in Vescom’s eco-conscious weaving mill in Germany.

Vescom - Sustainable Materialogy - Dale, Moore & Toby 3

Ponza: new contemporary, nature-inspired palette

One of Vescom’s popular upholstery fabrics gets a contemporary, nature-inspired palette with the recolour of Ponza. Its 33 colours, including classic velvet shades like burgundy red and deep green, offer an option for every want and need. The super-soft low-pile polyester FR velvet upholstery has been improved with a higher Martindale value, and can now also be used as a curtain fabric.

Monte, Moore and Ponza draw from the in-house team’s extensive knowledge about textiles and the company’s wealth of experience as material producers. Like all Vescom products, these upholstery fabrics are responsibly made, durable and meet the strict demands of contact interiors.

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