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Bringing natural luxury to high end interiors

Silk has a rich history and has long been revered as one of the world’s most luxurious fabrics. While it boasts a storied past, silk seamlessly adapts to modern sensibilities. Vescom enriches its already extensive and varied textile wallcovering collection with the introduction of 10 new woven silk wallcoverings. Aligning with Vescom’s material-driven DNA, the new releases effortlessly bring silk’s classic yet contemporary opulence to today’s contract interiors. 

Silk not only immediately evokes a sense of luxury but is also a beautiful bio-based resource, allowing us to connect with nature from the comfort of indoor spaces. Whether adorning the interiors of premium hotels, residences or exclusive boutiques, silk-based materials harmoniously align with other high-end natural elements such as marble and stone, softening the overall design scheme while introducing an additional layer of refinement and elegance.

Vescom’s woven silk wallcovering collection is both rich and diverse. The various structures and colours reflect the inherent beauty of silk, highlighting Vescom’s respect for the unique properties of materials. Despite being industrially manufactured and designed for the contract market, Vescom’s silk wallcoverings exude a handcrafted feel. You can still perceive the artisanal touch, whether through the impression of a silk loom or the visible slub.

The 10 wallcoverings showcase different facets of silk. With their raw appearance, intentional irregularities and more pronounced slub, Chandra and Madhura celebrate the unexpected beauty found in natural, artisanal materials. Design Ravi accentuates silk’s inherent lustre, which creates a soft luminance in interior spaces, while others like Nirmala are more matte. Some underscore their connection to nature through printed motifs – Bodhi depicting the Bodhi tree, a significant symbol of
enlightenment in Buddhism; Dipti with irregular lines resembling mountain ranges or layers of the earth’s strata; Khilana with blossoms, referencing the Hindi meaning of the name. The patterns are printed using different techniques that produce different looks and feels, from three-dimensionality to metallic effects.

With a wide array of 111 sophisticated colourways, the collection’s palette reinforces the natural connection, offering tones that span the spectrum of worldly wonders, from precious metals like gold, silver and bronze to soft, dusty pastels and the earthy elegance of terra rosa.

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