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Documenting over 185 years of premium craft through quality fabric. Our story is a celebration of the English textile industry.

Since its establishment in 1837, MOON has perfected the art of textile manufacturing. We are experts in the creation of high-quality cloth for both apparel and interiors – creating authentic, woollen fabrics with deep meaning and enduring value for leading fashion brands and interior designers worldwide.

Today, we are one of the select few mills within the UK that manufacture and sell our cloth directly to our customers from a single site. We are rare in our ability to fashion our premium fabrics in such an ethically considerate manner.

The MOON business was born out of ingenuity and innovation. These same values still flow through our company today. With over 185 years of history behind us, we are incredibly proud of our rich heritage and the people who create our cloth.


Netherfield Mill, Netherfield Road, Guiseley, LS20 9PD


01943 873181